RJ Biotech overview

R J Biotech Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2005 in India with an objective of developing proprietary hybrids with nutritional and economical traits in Fibre Crops like Cotton, Cereal crops like Paddy, Maize, Bajra etc. and Vegetable crops keeping priority on consumer preference.

R J Biotech has its well-established and well-equipped Research, production, processing, QCL and Biotechnology facilities at various locations.

The Research Stations are located at Aurangabad (MH) and Hyderabad (AP) backed by vast experienced scientists and breeders to make R & D foundation strong on which the “Seeds Edifice” will rest.

The company has tied up with renowned companies for technology collaboration for its various crops. After three years of inhouse intensive Research, the products were commercially launched in 2008 and within a span of three years, the company is operating in ten states.

The company has released 31 Field Crops 42 Vegetable Crops.

It has established leadership position in various states for Chilli, Tomato, Okra and Watermelon Hybrids in the market. It has also identified an unique hybrid in Bt Cotton and has successfully developed High yielding hybrids in Bajra and Maize.

RJ Biotech also has to its credit, development of three hybrid varieties in Paddy (Rice), a feat achieved by few seed companies.

The company has strong association with its farmers through extension activities. To make available the quality products to millions of Indian farmers, strong network of dealers are the extended arms for market. The network is strongly backed by established market of sister company, Maruti Fertochem Ltd., which is engaged in manufacturing and supply of various grades of mixed granulated fertilizers of “Maruti Brand” since last 18 years.

R J Biotech’s future thrust areas are to develop products with long shelf-life, better productivity, multiple disease resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, which will be sustainable under various Agro climatic conditions.


R J Biotech is committed to “fulfill the needs of tomorrow”.

About RJ Group
  • Completed 29 years in the service of farming community.
  • Diverse agro-related business activities.
  • Group turnover of over Rs 750 crores with a CAGR of around 20%.
  • Aims at global presence by providing hi-tech solutions to the agri-community.

Our mission

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RJ Biotech

Our Vision

  • RJ Biotech research is marching ahead with renewed vigor to face complex challenges & to harness domestic & global opportunities for the welfare of the farmers, consumers & other stakeholders
  • Efforts would be to become a leading organization in the world which is responsive, vibrant & sensitive to needs of its customers
  • Ensure food & income security for all through technological innovations and sustainable agriculture
  • Develop technologies for demand driven high value added products (cotton & vegetables) with desired traits by the application of world updated new modern technology like biotechnology & genetic engineering


  • Development/Evolution of genetically improved cultivars/hybrids and crop germplasm material.
  • Strengthening classical breeding methods, integrating with emerging genetic technology and integrating results of basic with applied research to improve efficacy.
  • Development, maintenance and enrichment of germplasm
  • Development of crop varieties of wheat, Cotton,Sunflower,maize,paddy,Bajra and vegetables.
  • Development of plant material tolerant to biotic and abiotic stresses
  • To keep farmers in tune with the latest technology and make it available in emerging opportunities in transforming their lives
  • As a part of efforts we have worked on several large scale projects towards aim


  • Broad based germplasm of both conventional as well GMS lines
  • Control & open poly houses
  • Long term storage dehumidified facility
    Biotech Lab.
  • Expert technical as well as field staff.
  • Well managed R & D farms.
  • Processing facility with advance processing machinery.
  • Independent quality assurance department with facility for conducting grow out test & soil emergence test
  • Strong production department having operation base AP/KTK/GJ/MP/MS which is supervised by qualified & experienced professionals
Quality Fetches, High Values
Improving Agriculture, Improving Lives